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IDEAlogic PDS Inc. is Canada’s premier information searchouse – providing reliable, accurate results; timely delivery; exceptional service and competitive pricing. With more than a decade of experience serving the Canadian and global marketplace, IDEAlogic is recognized as an innovative leader in the Canadian public records research industry.

IDEAlogic President James F. Sturdy started into the searchouse business in downtown Toronto, Canada in 1980. The company continues to provide record research services to central Toronto, home to the head offices for Canada’s financial sector and the Provincial Government. From its Toronto base, IDEAlogic has expanded its net to include nation-wide search service in Canada and the United States. Broadly accessible advanced communication technology, the internet, and telecommunications allows IDEAlogic to aggressively pursue international markets.


IDEAlogic Hotline (866) 506-9900 (Canada and U.S.A.)

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